Windows Server 2012 “Access” Issue

Wanted to post the contents of an email chain with an interesting symptom and less than interesting solution that I figured out, in case it might help someone else that comes across it (this is a Windows Server 2012 issue):

The error appears when you are trying to get to the server d:\ drive remotely. For example from another server or workstation if you go to \\[name redacted]\d$ you get the error below. This happens with both my administrative credentials and with [name redacted].

You do not have permission to access <>. Please contact your network administrator to request access.



If you try to go to \\[redacted]\c$, or any of the drives on [names redacted], it prompts for credentials and works fine. [Name redacted] and I have gone through a bunch of settings and permissions on [name redacted] but nothing appears to be incorrect or different. I’m sure it is just something I’m missing. Any ideas?

Thanks . . .
Hey guys,

Without getting into too much details on the wrong paths I went down troubleshooting this issue, I thought I’d share some information on this issue that I finally got figured out last night.

You can reference the email above for the symptoms. I guess the problem would not have arisen with a proper patch strategy, but you never know with these bronze servers (especially with the Server 2012 bugs…errr…features).

The “permissions” problem was resolved by applying KB2822241 Windows Server 2012 update rollup: April 2013

The specific patch in that rollup that related to this issue is KB2811670 Issues when the Audit object access policy is enabled on Removable Storage in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012

In VMware (and I imagine Hyper-V and others), the virtual SCSI drive might be recognized by the OS as removable storage, which would lead to the behavior described in the article, and which is also the exact behavior we were experiencing. Also of note, as described in the article, it did take a couple of reboots for the behavior to be alleviated.

Just thought I’d send this out in case someone might find it interesting.

Best regards,

Eric B. Cooper

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